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For over 44 years, Levy’s Leathers has been North America’s leading manufacturer of leather hunting and shooting accessories. The quality of our gun slings, gun bags, and other sporting products is unmatched in the industry.

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The secret to Levy’s Leathers craft is found in attention to detail. The Jesse James Deluxe Series combines strength, durability, and comfort with a rugged style to suit the man who’s name it bears. Every detail of The Classic Comfort Sling has been designed methodically with your comfort in mind. From the strong saddle leather to the soft suede and padding. Adjustable from 33” to 37” for the right fit in any season.

We are a premium international brand that employs over 100 people in the United States and Canada. We got here because hunting is in our blood. We started making our gear as tough as we needed it to be and hunters took notice. Though Levy’s Leathers has grown over the years, we’ve maintained the same uncompromising approach towards the quality of our products as we did in the beginning. For decades we’ve made rugged products that won’t fall apart on you when you’re miles into the bush.

We’ve dedicated an entire division of our family company to the sole responsibility of sourcing the highest quality leather and the most durable materials for our products. We’ve heard of the easy way to do things, but we’ve never tried it. We spare no expense on the quality of our goods and our attention to detail is fanatical. The swivels we use are the industry’s best. Our Chicago screws are forged by the most decorated blacksmiths. The craftspeople who cut and sew have been doing their jobs for longer than I have been alive and their product is made to outlive you. We have your back out there.

Do yourself and your rifle a solid, reach out for the best and be a part of our heritage of quality.

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I think Levy’s Leather LTD is incredible company that is very willing to help out a vender get started. Great products and love the company. Been with them since 2002.

-Kirk Rogers

Levy’s is great to work with, Danica as well as the whole family. Their products are built to last and they really treat their customers well.

-David Quon

Helpful, sincere, cool to talk to. My first order.

-Steve Leger

Levy’s makes the best selection of slings and bags in the market.

-Robert Fisher